Lincoln Income Life Insurance Company, originally Income Life Insurance of Kentucky was an insurance corporation based in Louisville, Kentucky. Lincoln Income Life Insurance provided life insurance, accident insurance, and fire insurance for over 70 years until it was acquired in 1986 by Conseco.


Income Life Insurance Company of Louisville, Kentucky was incorporated in 1928 and began business in 1929. Initial paid in capital was $158,580 and was increased in 1930 to $192,630. Capital was reduced in 1931 to $129,690 and to $100,150 in 1932. In 1936 capital was increased to $101,522. In 1933 this company reinsured the Dixie-Atlas-Republic Insurance Company, Nashville, Tennessee.

In 1936 Lincoln Life and Accident Insurance Company, a Muskogee, Oklahoma or Oklahoma City, Oklahoma insurance company merged with Income Life of Louisville, Kentucky, under the name of Lincoln Income Life Insurance Company.

The company was acquired by Conseco in 1986 and was merged with another of Conseco's companies Bankers National Life Insurance Company. Bankers National Life Insurance Company was subsequently merged into Washington National Insurance Company.

Company Review

Financial strength and strong customer service are top considerations when choosing a life insurance company. Lincoln National Life Insurance Company has been in business for more than 100 years and is a well-trusted name in the insurance industry.

Lincoln National Life Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Lincoln Financial Group. The company was founded in 1905 and is headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania.

It is a Fortune 500 company, ranked 247 out of 500 and is a publicly traded company on the NYSE under the symbol LNC. The company is also on the Baron’s 500 list and is ranked 220 out of 500. Total assets for the Lincoln Financial Group reached $223 billion in 2013.

Lincoln Financial Group’s business operations are divided into four segments including life insurance, annuities, group protection and retirement plan services. Lincoln Financial Group is involved in many philanthropic activities including its Lincoln Financial Foundation which donates over $10 million annually to the communities where it maintains a strong business presence.