Cloud Computing is the combination of the utilization of computer technology with cloud-based development. The term cloud is a term given to the technology of the internet network.

On a cloud based computing technology all the data are stored on the server and the internet, as well as the application or software that is generally required of users all in computer servers.

So we do not need to perform the installation on the server. But users must be connected to the internet to access and run applications that reside on the server.

Types of cloud computing
Based on the service type, Cloud Computing is divided into the following:

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Is one of the services from Cloud Computing where we just wear software (software) that have been provided. User only knows that the software can run and be used properly.

For example, a public email service (Gmail, YahooMail, Hotmail), social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) instant messaging (Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Line, WhatsApp) and many more others.

In his development, a lot of the software that used to be only we can enjoy with installing these applications on our computers (on-premise) start now we can enjoy via Cloud Computing. 

His profit, we do not need to purchase a license and stay connected to the internet to use it. For example, Microsoft Office that now we can enjoy through Office 365, Adobe Suite we can enjoy via Adobe Creative Cloud.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Cloud Computing is a service of which we can "rent" IT infrastructure (computing, storage, memory, network). We could define how large his computational unit (CPU), a data storage (storage), memory (RAM), bandwidth, and other configurations that we will rent.

His easy, IaaS it is renting a virtual computer is still empty, where after it hired computer we can use him up from our needs. We can install the operating system and any applications above him.

An example of this is the IaaS providers: Amazon EC2, Windows Azure (soon), TelkomCloud, BizNetCloud, and so on.

The advantage of IaaS it is we don't have to buy a physical computer, and configuration of the virtual computer we can Fox (scale up/scale down) easily. For example, when the virtual computer is already overloaded, we can add a CPU, RAM, Storage, and others immediately.