The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 9: Recap & Discussion-2

Meanwhile, Morgan and Carol take out a couple of Saviors on their way to infiltrating The Kingdom. Gavin laments his role in the war to Ezekiel, who reminds him it’s not too late to walk away. He refuses and radios the Saviors Carol and Morgan killed – obviously there’s no response. Ezekiel reminds him again it’s not too late as gunfire rings out nearby.

Flash forward to pink-eyed Rick looking more depressed than ever. He envisions the perfect Alexandria again, which now includes Eugene. Back to reality Rick and Michonne agree to stay with Carl in the sewer while Daryl escorts everyone else to Hilltop. Before they leave, Carl gives his hat to Judith and tells her to stay strong. Before leaving, Daryl reminds Carl he’s the reason everyone was able to escape. Before they leave, Siddiq tells Carl he’ll spend the rest of his life honoring him.

Paranoid his people are dead, Gavin secures Ezekiel in the throne room and instructs his people to guard the doors. Morgan and Carol burst in and kill nearly everyone. Morgan rips out a guy’s insides and then chases after Gavin after he escapes. Morgan quickly locates Gavin, who tells him killing him won’t make anything go away. Ezekiel and Carol try talking Morgan out of it, and Morgan nearly kills him until Benjamin’s brother Henry stabs Gavin from behind, killing him. Carol scolds him but Ezekiel reassures him “all will be resolved.”

Rick and Michonne leave the sewer and carry Carl through the burning town to lay him down in the church. In his final moments, Carl asks Michonne to not be sad or angry, but strong when he passes. He also confesses to killing one of the Woodbury soldier kids who was surrendering and how he still thinks about him. Rick forgives him but Carl insists there’s a lesson in it: killing everyone isn’t the answer. “There has to be something after,” Carl says.

He then tells Rick how HE envisions Alexandria in the future (it was Carl’s dream, not Rick’s). “You can still be who you were…that’s how it could be.” Rick tells Carl everything he did was for him. He apologizes for not protecting him and Carl says it’s OK, telling both of them he loves them. Rick sobs and Carl shoots himself with a silencer pistol in his own head, saving Rick and Michonne from the awful task.

The next morning, Rick and Michonne bury Carl. Rick envisions a new Alexandria where Negan is living happily in its walls. Before the episode ends, we get another Rick – he’s sitting by a tree looking exhausted and defeated.


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