The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 9: Recap & Discussion

We open the second half of Season 8 with three quick Rick sequences: the first of him looking red-eyed and emotional (repeating Siddiq’s “my mercy prevail over my wrath”), the second his dream of what Alexandria could be, and the third of him and Michonne burying someone. We then flash back to the moment earlier in the season where Carl got bit by a walker in the woods. Shocked at first, he quickly accepts his fate and returns to Alexandria to live out his remaining days. He pens notes to those he loves, spends time with Judith, and prepares his final resting spot in the sewer all in the span of one Avett Brothers song.

We get another quick flashback of Morgan spotting Negan and The Saviors escaping The Sanctuary. They spot him and he’s forced to flee. Flash forward to outside The Kingdom, where he and Carol plan to break Ezekiel free form The Saviors who took over. Meanwhile in the sewers under Alexandria, Rick struggles to process his son’s impending death. Carl reassures him things will be OK and hands him farewell letters he wrote everyone. He then explains how he got bit trying to save Siddiq.

While Morgan and Carol strategize an extraction plan, Gavin reprimands Ezekiel for attacking them in the first place. As Carl’s health deteriorates, Siddiq offers medicine and explains how he was a resident doctor. Rick pieces together that this is part of the reason why Carl saved him. Suddenly, Dwight appears and Michonne begs him to make the explosions above stop. He tells her he can’t and that they should stay there until they’re gone. Rosita thinks they should head to The Hilltop instead, and Daryl agrees.

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