5 Attraction Ben Higgins's "The Bachelor"

For those of you who avidly watch the various events in the subscription television channel, Star World certainly are familiar with reality shows, The Bachelor who is very popular. This time, the bachelor who so favorite is Ben Higgins. What's interesting from Ben so there are 28 ladies interested in being his running mate?

5 Attraction Ben Higgins's "The Bachelor"
Image by The Bachelor doc

1. Physically attractive
"He's beautiful," said one participant Olivia Caridi. With athletic body (just look at her belly) and height 193 cm, Ben did indeed attract attention. Not to mention with his face is a handsome and alluring smile, no wonder the sentence out of Olivia's lips.

2. Nice Guy-good
Correct a lot of women are sad and hurt when the 27-year-old man this does not select it. But in the midst of his sadness, almost no one said something bad about Ben. Almost all agreed say that Ben is a good man. "It could be here and met an incredible is grace. Anyone who's finally getting Ben is a very lucky woman, "said the woman who entered sixth, Emily Ferguson.

3. Don't like leveraging women
Rather than take the time to have fun with women, men are fans of the Chicago Cubs baseball club is not hesitate while the ladies when he could not see a future with them. "Ben does not like, ' oh I want to keep him here because he is fun and I like to feel a few weeks of fun with him ', but Ben to see if she has a connection with the woman and whether such women potentially be his wife, "said one participant who has had enough of strong connection with Ben, Lauren Bushnell.

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