5 Attraction Ben Higgins's "The Bachelor"-2

4. Use of heart
Although this reality show but Ben looks seriously raring to go. He's definitely really looking for a woman who could be candidates whom he turned wife. Therefore, any Ben trying to get to know the women who become participants. Not infrequently, she feels devastated and sad when it should return the women. "See how shaken your emotions when I go very meaningful for me. I could feel that you really care. You will be a wonderful husband and father someday. I wish may you happy because you are entitled to get it, "said participants who already have two daughters, Amanda Stanton.

5. The expressive
"In the history of The new Bachelor's degree this time there is a bachelor who expresses love for two women at once," said Chris Harrison, the host. Yep, Ben is the kind of person who is not afraid of expressing her feelings. Even when she fell in love with two women at the time, he was not afraid to admit it.

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